Welcome To The New JMG!

Welcome to the new JMG! I hope you’ll find this here website thingy cleaner-looking, faster, and more mobile-friendly. The migration isn’t fully complete yet and we’ll also be making a few more minor tweaks to the look over the next few days. Your Disqus histories are being imported at this writing and for now the old JMG will remain live so you can go back and finish whatever you were arguing about in this weekend’s posts.  Here on the new JMG you’ll (finally!) find social media links at the bottom of each individual post, so feel free to torture your Facebook friends with every little thing we talk about here. A probably less popular change, which you’ve surely noticed, is that the new format truncates each post, something which I resisted greatly but had to be done in order to reduce the load burden on the mobile devices which now represent over a third of JMG traffic. There’s a few other changes you’ll notice so feel free to take part in the great internet tradition of complaining and/or telling us how it could be better. Seriously, go ahead – we’re paying attention.