Trump To Anchor Jorge Ramos: “Go Back To Univision” [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has once again stolen the news cycle after brusquely rejecting an out-of-turn question from Univision anchor Jorge Ramos at an Iowa press conference.

“Go back to Univision,” Trump told Ramos early in their first back-and-forth. Ramos had attempted to engage with Trump on his positions though he had not been called upon, standing and lobbing concerns about Trump’s plan at the candidate. “Sit down. Sit down. Sit down,” Trump said. Trump spoke in Iowa as he collected a highly sought endorsement from a popular conservative activist Sam Clovis, a reflection of Trump’s sudden political power thanks to surging poll numbers in the Hawkeye State. And the businessman is moving to hire experienced operatives in early states to replace what was at one point a green political shop. But his fight with Ramos, who remains an admired figure in Hispanic media, shows that Trump remains by no means an establishment figure — even as he tries to build out a more professional campaign. “He was out of order. I would take his question in two seconds,” Trump said, adding that he wouldn’t mind if Ramos — “a very emotional person” — returned to ask a question politely. Ramos did, but the ensuing exchange was far from polite. “Here’s the problem with your immigration plan. It’s full of empty promises,” Ramos said, when allowed back into the press room.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights reacted via press release:

Donald Trump’s disrespect to a member of the press who pointedly asked questions about the candidate’s plan to deport millions of immigrants has no end. Trump’s dismissive ‘go back to Univision’ as he ordered Jorge Ramos escorted out of the press room smells of a racial slur uttered at immigrants by bigots who demonize, criminalize, and even hurt immigrants. Today’s incident should be a shot across the bow about the unwillingness of this and other presidential candidates to seriously confront the issues but descend to personal attacks and limit the freedom of the press.”

Breitbart, of course, is celebrating.