Tony Duggar Perkins Duggar Has Written A Book Duggar

Hate group leader Tony Perkins has written a book about how tough it is to be a Christian in this nation of 250 million Christians. From the description on Amazon:

Containing stories of young Christians facing intense opposition, No Fear shows the dramatic influence one person can have as they stand resolute for biblical truth in the pursuit of fairness, justice, and compassion. No Fear also reminds us of the biblical heroes who stood up for God in their own day and culture, modeling the same brand of courage that is needed today. No Fear will be on sale and in stores Tuesday, September 8. As a special offer, if you pre-order a copy of No Fear today, August 18, you will receive a second copy for FREE. So buy one for yourself and get one you can give to a friend, family member, pastor or better yet – a fearless young person in your life. The offer applies to the first 500 customers, so don’t miss out.

The book features praising blurbs from Todd Starnes and Franklin Graham, of course. Whatever you do, don’t give Perkins the Ryan Anderson treatment and bombard Amazon with shitty reviews without reading the book. Jesus doesn’t like that.