Tired Old Queen At The Movies #135 [VIDEO]

Clip recap:

Robert Mitchum plays Wade Hunnicutt, a small town southern patriarch in Vincente Minnelli’s splashy, trashy and wonderful “Home From The Hill” (1960). Along with Mitchum, who won his only acting awards for this film, are Eleanor Parker as his frigid wife who holds back her favors to punish him for his philandering, George Hamilton as his naive son Theron, whom he helps to become a man, George Peppard as Rafe, a young man who holds a secret no one wants to hear and Luana Patton, who falls for one boy and ends with another. Shot on location in Texas in gorgeous Technicolor, this heated melodrama, taken from a novel by William Humphrey, is filled with enough action, adventure, steamy sex and lurid family secrets to make the hottest summer nights even hotter.