Texas Values Money Beg: Help Us Rise Up And Save America From Its Homosexual Occupying Army

According to infamously cuckolded-by-a-lesbian Texas Values head Jonathan Saenz, a homosexual occupying army now has its boot on the neck of America. And he needs a whole lot of Jesus Bucks to fund the resistance. He writes:

America today is occupied territory. The enemies of religious freedom occupy every power center from government to academia. Everyone except its spiritual core. Thank God, that power isn’t centered in Washington. It flows from the faith and values of its people, from a thousand churches and faith-filled homes across Texas and beyond. That makes our pastors the Leaders of the Resistancee. How does an invading army break the will of an occupied people? First, it identifies its Resistance Leaders. Next, it isolates and demoralizes them, making them think they’re alone and powerless. Then it breaks them––before the people can rally to their defense. This is why your pastor is truly in the cross-hairs. Armed with not only the recent egregious Supreme Court same-sex ‘marriage’ decision but a host of lower-court rulings and guidelines, the pro-homosexual left is scouring Texas—America’s last stronghold of resistance—seeking “weakest link” communities and churches for a pre-emptive strike. That’s why, as the driving force behind protecting religious freedom throughout Texas, Texas Values is launching a state-wide education campaign to let every Texas pastor, church, and religious organization know their own protection. Here’s how you can join our Protect Pastors campaign. First, I need the most generous gift you can send today. With tens of thousands of pastors and churches across the state, we must raise $25,000 to fully fund our Protect Pastors educational campaign to equip and educate our bible-believing pastors and churches. Every dollar will ensure more pastors, churches, and fellow Texans are equipped with the protections of this new law.

Bolding, italics, and misspellings are his. (Via John Wright at Towleroad)