Sarah Palin Continues Bid For Vice President Consideration: Donald Trump Is “Getting Crucified” For Telling The Truth

“Man he is just getting crucified out there just for telling the truth. He’s doing a good job of that and he’s shaking it up the way it should be, and he’s leading other candidates and having to talk about the issues that average Joe Six-Pack American wants to hear and wants to talk about. I’m certainly all about this ABC thing — Anybody But Clinton! We’ve had seven or eight years of a liberal policy that’s turning us into a socialist nation and that’s not what our founders have intended for us. If we were to elect someone who’s been part of the problem creating the socialism, really there is no hope. The skids are greased for her, I think the media is kind of playing this game, where they’re clobbering her a little today, you know they’re trying to hold her accountable, do that when she does though jump over this latest hump, which is this scandal with the emails, the media can say, ‘Hey, see, we were fair.’” – Sarah Palin, speaking to Extra and evading their question as to whether she’d jump at the chance to be Trump’s running mate.