Rachel Maddow Mixes “Trump Cocktail” For Fallon [VIDEO]

“It’s a terrible drink. It’s not a very tasty beverage.” From Entertainment Weekly:

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow appeared on Thursday’s The Tonight Show to make the “Millionaire,” a cocktail Maddow said was “in honor and in thanks for Donald Trump being involved in American Presidential politics.” She also admitted it was a classic drink that is “not a very tasty beverage.” While making the cocktail – composed of lime juice, rum, gin, and liqueur – Maddow brought out the ice which prompted host Jimmy Fallon to do his Trump impersonation. “It’s a beautiful thing. We make the best ice cubes. It is the coldest ice you ever had,” Fallon’s Trump said. Maddow then tried her own Trump impersonation, saying it’s “huge.