Petition From Brian Brown: Stop Them Now Before Target Turns Your Kids Into Transhomogendersexians

“Target has caved to gender ideologues and has removed information identifying whether their products are intended for ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ in many of their sections. If you oppose this blatant act of political correctness, sign our letter to Target’s customer relations department, asking them to reverse their decision! Just a few months ago, Target defended gender-identifying signage, pointing to research that showed guests ‘preferred having a variety of indicators that can help inform and guide their shopping trip.’ But now, under pressure from radical gender theorists, Target decided to go ‘gender neutral’ by removing “gender and signs and using gender indicators, especially as it relates to kids” from its stores. The sexual radicals who encouraged Target to reverse its policy ultimately want to erase distinctions between male and female, and promote transgenderism among children. We need to stand against the elimination of sex distinctions in our culture. Humanity was created to be male and female, and no government or business can change that fact! If you agree, please join us by signing our letter to Target, demanding that continue to recognize sex differences in their stores!” – From a petition launched today by CitizenGO, the other hate group headed by Brian Brown. (Tipped by JMG reader Alan)

NOTE: “Transhomogendersexians” is from this hilarious Wonkette piece.