NEW JERSEY: Liberty Counsel Again Appeals “Ex-Gay” Torture Ban To US Supreme Court

In March 2015 the Supreme Court smacked down the Liberty Counsel’s appeal of New Jersey’s “ex-gay” torture ban. Today they are trying again, this time with a different client and different angle. Via press release:

Liberty Counsel is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to review New Jersey Assembly Bill No. 3371 (“A3371”), which prohibits minors from receiving any form of counseling to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity. Licensed mental health professionals are forbidden to offer this counsel, even when it is desperately desired by the client. Liberty Counsel represents a minor, John Doe, who desperately desires to continue receiving this counseling. Prior to receiving change counseling from a professional in a different state, John Doe struggled with unwanted same-sex attractions and gender identity confusion causing him to have severe anxiety, depression, daily thoughts of suicide, and one attempted suicide. After he received counseling, he no longer struggles with any of it. He was able to eliminate all of his thoughts of suicide and has significantly reduced his unwanted same-sex attractions. Now John Doe desperately desires to continue receiving counseling from a licensed psychologist in New Jersey to work toward his goal of conforming his attractions and identity to the teaching of his faith and his sincerely held religious convictions. A3371, however, slams the door to the counselors office where this child could receive the help he seeks.

Mat Staver: “Our clients do not want to follow same-sex attractions. They have come to us and asked for our help in returning to the counseling that was helping them overcome these attractions, often the result of homosexual rape from child predators. Their mental health and future success depends on the Supreme Court stepping up to protect their fundamental rights to set their own counseling goals and objectives.”

See the SCOTUS filing.

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