LIVE VIDEO: American Flag Rises Over US Embassy In Havana For First Time In 54 Years

Live US-Cuban history happening right now. The BBC reports:

Three marines who lowered the American flag for the last time on 4 January 1961 will raise it again during Friday’s ceremony in Havana. They are now retired and in their late 70s. “I’m gonna love seeing that flag go back up,” said former marine Jim Tracy, 78, in a US State Department video. It is a typical hot summer’s morning in Havana – humid and sticky. But it’s a warmth which perhaps befits the moment in which Cuba and the United States finally put almost six decades of Cold War hostility behind them. And the sea breeze off the Malecon, Havana’s seafront promenade, is refreshing the dignitaries that have gathered on the front lawn for this historic reopening ceremony.