Liberty University Law Dean: The Government Has No Authority To Impose Unbiblical Laws [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla writes at Right Wing Watch:

Recently, Rena Lindevaldsen, Liberty University Law School’s interim dean, delivered an address to students on the question “Do Government Officials Have Authority to Impose Their Morals on Others?” Lindevaldsen’s answer was a resounding “yes,” provided that the morals being imposed are Christian ones. But if the morals being imposed are not Christian ones, then the answer is obviously “no.” As she explained, “civil government only has the authority that God has established” and so “civil government, if its acting rightfully within its authority should be acting consistent with Scripture.”

RELATED: In 2012 Lindevaldsen published Only One Mommy, a book about the Lisa Jenkins custody case in which the Liberty Counsel was named in a RICO kidnapping suit.