Liberty Counsel President Mat Staver To Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear: Allow Anti-Gay Discrimination Or Resign

“Gov. Steve Beshear went far beyond the Supreme Court when he made it Kentucky policy to foreclose any possibility of a religious accommodation for county clerks. Beshear made new law, and disregarded the laws he swore to uphold; he is the official who should do his job or resign. [Kim] Davis is merely asking that her religious convictions be accommodated. This case has never been about whether a person can get a marriage license. It is solely about whether a particular person can be forced against her sincere religious beliefs to issue the license. Surely, the Herald-Leader would not force a Jewish chef to prepare a pork dish when someone else can prepare the meal. Even prisoners are entitled to have their religious beliefs accommodated. Shouldn’t Davis have the same right? Finally, when the Herald-Leader ran out of misinformed arguments, it began to criticize Liberty Counsel, which represents Davis. The editorial board should ask the ACLU — whose affiliate represents the plaintiffs — how it spent $133 million last year. Contrary to what the editorial reported in its initial version, Liberty Counsel has far more staff than five. Before you place something in print, get your facts correct. Liberty Counsel is not ashamed of defending Davis. Would the Herald-Leader criticize attorneys for representing someone on death row?” – Hate group leader Mat Staver, in an editorial published today by the newspaper he is attacking.