John Oliver Eviscerates Scamvangelists, Launches Church Called “Our Lady Of Perpetual Exemption” [VIDEO]

Hemant Mehta recaps last night’s show at The Friendly Atheist:

I know it’s cliché at this point to say John Oliver and his staff at Last Week Tonight are amazing, but screw it: What they did last night was incredible. In a twenty-minute segment, Oliver exposed the ridiculous IRS rules that allow tax-exempt churches to form all too easily, the televangelists who use that opportunity to take advantage of gullible followers, and the fact that you can count on less than one hand how often the IRS has audited churches over the past couple of years. If nothing else, watch the bit involving the (very real) seven-month correspondence with Christian huckster Robert Tilton around the 10:30 mark. That gives you an idea of how long this segment has been incubating.

And yes, there’s a website for the church launched by John Oliver.