HOUSTON: Hate Group Calls LGBT Rights Ballot Measure “Filthy And Disgusting” In New Radio Campaign

John Wright has the text of the ad at Towleroad:

“No men in women’s bathrooms. Let me tell you why. One day, I hope to be pregnant and deliver my beautiful baby right here in Houston, but I’m concerned because the city of Houston is proposing an ordinance that would allow men to use the women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. We are being told the ordinance will prevent discrimination against pregnant women. That makes absolutely no sense. There are already federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination against pregnant women, but this ordinance will allow men to freely go into women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. That is filthy, that is disgusting and that is unsafe. Join me and other women in Houston as we vote ‘No’ on Mayor Parker’s bathroom ordnance. And again, let me make this very clear, on behalf of all moms, sisters and daughters, no men in women’s bathrooms.”

The group calls themselves Campaign For Houston. Listen to the ad here.