GEORGIA: Catholic School Settles Sexual Orientation Discrimination Suit Filed By Fired Gay Band Director

The Catholic school in Macon, Georgia which fired its gay band director for announcing his plan to marry has settled his sexual orientation discrimination suit for an undisclosed amount. Valdosta Today reports:

Flint Dollar, who now lives in New York, alleged he was fired in May of 2014 over plans to marry his same-sex partner, claiming discrimination. Dollar sought back pay, reinstatement, compensation for emotional pain and suffering, and attorney’s fees. The school, Mount de Sales Academy, stated at the time Dollar was not fired because of sexual orientation, but because same-sex marriage goes against Catholic doctrine. However, the school handbook makes the claim it is an equal opportunity employer, striving to comply with laws prohibiting various kinds of discrimination, including sexual orientation and marital status. That statement seemed to undermine the school’s defense, possibly leading to a settlement. An investigation by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that reasonable cause did exist that Dollar had been terminated due to issues related to his sexual orientation.

The president of the school says, “The parties have reached a confidential settlement to resolve this matter to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.” (Tipped by JMG reader TJ)