Brian Brown Denounces Donald Trump: “He Doesn’t Have The Slightest Idea About Presidential Leadership”

“In many previous interviews, Trump has professed his support for traditional marriage, saying that this is how he was raised and it’s what his religious faith tells him is true. But in an interview this week with The Hollywood Reporter, Trump said that conservatives should move on from the gay marriage issue because, ‘the Supreme Court has ruled.’

“Talk about a guy who doesn’t have the slightest idea about presidential leadership! I wonder if he believes that President Lincoln should have abandoned the issue of abolishing slavery because ‘the Supreme Court has ruled’ when they decided in the Dred Scott case that African Americans were mere property, not people entitled to citizenship rights. Or should President Reagan have abandoned the pro-life cause because ‘the Supreme Court has ruled’ in Roe v Wade to impose abortion on the nation resulting in the death of 60 million unborn children?

“Businessmen may ‘move on’ when a deal doesn’t work out as hoped, but presidents — the best ones, at least — stand for principles and fight to defend those principles even when the Supreme Court imposes an illegitimate decision as they did when they redefined marriage. That is the kind of leadership NOM is looking for in the next president. Presumably because he cannot commit to provide that leadership, Mr. Trump has not signed the NOM Presidential Marriage Pledge.” – Hate group leader Brian Brown, via press release.