BRAZIL: Oscar-Winner Dustin Lance Black Directs Anti-Bullying Short For Coca-Cola [VIDEO]

AdWeek reports:

Black was recently tapped by Pereira & O’Dell to direct three short films for Coca-Cola in Latin America, challenging young people to choose compassion over bullying. One of the films, “The Text,” revolves around gay teens. Another series of ads, from JWT New York for Tylenol, examines the makeup of the modern family. Next up for Black: When We Rise, an ABC miniseries about the gay-rights movement. Adweek: “How did the Coke campaign evolve?” Dustin Lance Black: “They knew they wanted to do one that was aimed at the LGBT community. And then they wanted to do two more that had the same idea of a crossroads moment where you’ve got to make a decision: Are you going to go the way of kindness, or are you going to go for the easy joke when someone’s having a tough time? If you do something with acceptance and kindness, you can create a true friendship.”

The clip is subtitled and has 1.7M views.

(Via Towleroad)