TRIAL VIDEO: Ex-Gay JONAH Witness Explains How Naked Dance Parties With Men Totally Made Him Straight

Via the SPLC:

This is a condensed version of a sworn video deposition presented at a June 2015 trial in New Jersey: Ferguson v. JONAH. Conversion therapy provider JONAH offered Hoffman as a “success story” witness claiming that conversion therapy works to change sexual orientation from gay to straight. A jury unanimously decided that JONAH is liable for consumer fraud for misrepresentations including that its program was effective in changing sexual orientation from gay to straight.

You have GOT to watch this. “It’s literally just a fun ‘boy’ atmosphere where men are just having a lot of fun together experiencing their wild side. By the time the ‘wild party’ comes along everybody just kind of joins the fun unclothed. After the ‘wild party’ they are led to the showers.”

(Via Equality Case Files)