TEXAS: Hate Group Denounces “Frivolous” Lawsuit Filed Against County Clerk

Via press release from Texas Values:

It has come to our attention that a same-sex ‘marriage’ license has been issued in Hood County, Texas. However, we are also aware of false reports that County Clerk Katie Lang “gives in” and did an “about face” and issued and signed the license herself. As seen in the attached link, Deputy County Clerk Kristi Jackson signed the same sex marriage license, not Katie Lang. Our view is that County Clerk Katie Lang has maintained her position regarding her sincerely held religious beliefs as she clearly stated last week, that other staff members in the clerk’s office would issue same sex marriage licenses, which is what happened today. Therefore, the lawsuit filed today by a homosexual couple is frivolous and is simply being maintained to punish Katie Lang for exercising her religious beliefs and to request money for lawyers.

Lang is being defended by the Plano-based Liberty Institute.