TAIWAN: Government Prepares To Intro Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

The Global Times reports:

Taiwan plans to draft a same-sex partnership law to further protect the rights of homosexual couples, making Taiwan likely to become the first region in Asia to legalize gay marriage. Following the US Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage in June, judicial authorities in Taiwan announced recently that they decided to draft a same-sex partnership law consistent with the global trend and changing public opinion. They said when polls show that the region’s population is ready, a gay marriage law will be drafted. Lo Ying-hsueh, head of Taiwan’s judicial body, said the government will put related bills on an online voting platform with the result to serve as a reference for the legislature, the Taiwan-based United Daily News reported Sunday. A poll conducted by judicial authorities in 2013 shows that more than 53 percent support same-sex marriage.

Last year’s Taiwan Pride event drew 70,000.