Stop Silencing Ryan Anderson!

Two days ago Heritage Foundation spokesman Ryan Anderson declared victory over the review “trolls” at Amazon when his new anti-gay book hit #1 in a niche category nobody had ever heard of. But that victory was apparently empty boasting as today the Heritage Foundation itself published a furious reaction to those negative reviews in an article which includes screencaps of comments made here on JMG. The Heritage Foundation and Anderson are particularly furious about one Amazon review which includes a photo from a concentration camp.

We might take Anderson’s complaint about the Holocaust photo seriously if he had ever once spoken up about the many, many, many times his conservative colleagues used Nazi imagery and phrases to characterize the LGBT civil rights movement. Visit Breitbart, World Net Daily, BarbWire or virtually any other far right-wing site and you’ll find stories illustrated with the rainbow flag overlaid with a swastika, typically with a headline that includes the words “Gaystapo” and “homofascist.”  Until Ryan Anderson calls out those websites and writers by name, we’ll find it very hard to summon any sympathy for his outrage over anonymous Amazon reviews.