Perkins Applauds Kentucky Clerks Bill

“County clerks spend a lot of time at court — but rarely are they in court for their beliefs. Unfortunately for Kentucky clerk Casey Davis, the ACLU is guaranteeing him a trip there as a subject of a licensing lawsuit. After an entire office of clerks quit over same-sex marriage earlier this month, leaders raced to build a firewall to protect others. On Wednesday, lawmakers filed three separate bills with the goal to shield Christians like Casey from having to violate their beliefs to do their job. One directly protects county clerks, while the other two defend the right of church leaders, business owners, and faith-based groups to refuse any involvement in same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, the governor refused to call the special legislative session Casey and 57 other clerks requested — leaving bills and county officials hanging until January.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.