One Million Moms Needs A Million Dollars Because Everything Is Just So Horrible

“I know that many are discouraged because of the recent Supreme Court ruling but now is not the time for conservative Christians to retreat from the cultural battlefield. We must stand up for our religious liberties. We need to stand up now, more than ever before. For years, your voice – the voice of conservative Christian America – has not been heard by those in power in our nation’s capital. But we have an opportunity to change that, and that’s why I’m emailing you today. The challenge: AFA has already invested
$1 million toward putting our AFR Talk signal on the air in the area
west of the Potomac. By the time the project is complete, we will have
spent another $1 million. AFR Talk needs to be on the air by January,
2016, because the upcoming national election will really start ramping
up around that time. So the amount of money we need now is $1 million.  I trust that you’ll give your whole-hearted support to this
campaign, which I believe is our best effort to hand off to our children
and grandchildren a nation whose culture is guided by the principles
and values of the Bible. The secular culture’s war against all things Christian,
including life and marriage, will only spread and get worse as we are
pushed even further out of the mainstream.” – One Million Moms head Monica Cole, via email.