KENYA: Anti-Gay Group Calls For Thousands To Protest Naked Against Obama Because Homosexuality

African Spotlight reports:

Kenya’s Republican Liberty Party has notified the authorities of its intention to mobilise 5,000 men and women to protest naked against President Barack Obama’s “aggressive support for homosexuality”. The party said it has already notified the authorities for protest scheduled to hold on July 22 and 23, coinciding with the U.S. president’s visit to Kenya. Vincent Kidala, the party’s leader, wrote to the Police on Monday to notify the authorities of the planned protest march from Nairobi’s Freedom Corner to the streets of the capital. He said the protest would involve “totally naked men and women” to “demonstrate the difference between men and women. “The procession shall be carried out by approximately 5,000 totally naked men and women to protest the President Barack Obama’s open and aggressive support for Homosexuality. “The party’s main objective is for him to understand the difference between a man and a woman,” he said in the letter to the Police.

Local activists are calling bullshit:

Denis Nzioka, a LGBTI rights activist in Kenya, has described the protest as the ‘height of stupidity’. ‘This is a kneejerk reaction after only 25 showed up at their last homophobic rally,’ he told Gay Star News. ‘I’m trying to figure out how exactly they figure 5,000 people will show up with no clothes on to protest Obama and gay rights. ‘This time, not even 25 people will show up.’ He added: ‘They want to show to the people and to Obama the “differences” between men and women, that a penis enters a vagina. That’s how they think, and that’s how stupid and ridiculous and ignorant this is. The Republican Liberty Party just trying to stay relevant.’ Kenyan lawmakers have attempted to put a gag order on Obama in order to stop him from mentioning LGBTI rights while he is in the country later this month. However State House has ignored this call, allowing the US president to speak freely.