KENTUCKY: Alleged Dog-Napping Update

Following my mention of their 2013 story, Page One Kentucky has posted an update about the dog allegedly stolen by the daughter of renegade county clerk Kim Davis.

Remember Charlie Brown? He’s the dog Kim’s daughter apparently stole (not allegedly, she did it). Kim was running for election at the time — a campaign she ultimately won, replacing her mother as County Clerk. Despite barely squeaking by in the Democratic primary. But small town law enforcement turned a blind eye. They were afraid of Kim and the good old boy Democratic machine that thrives in rural Eastern Kentucky. For outsiders: the Dems in Kentucky are about 100x more conservative than Republicans in D.C. and 1,000x more corrupt. The County Attorney (Hey, Cecil!) refused to get involved because he was afraid of backlash. A County Attorney in a nearby town ultimately got interested in the case late last fall but lost his campaign for re-election. Since then, nothing’s happened. There are several witnesses, security camera footage, all those text messages and Facebook threats, interactions with law enforcement, Kim retaliating against Madden for outing her daughter as the culprit. And nothing.

Page One Kentucky spoke to the dog’s owner, who relates a recent encounter with clerk Davis:

Ross says he’s still asked about Charlie as he travels around the region. You can imagine that few have anything kind to offer about Kim Davis. Especially at this point in time. He also shared a story about recently having business to conduct in the Clerk’s office. During the time he was there, Kim didn’t make eye contact or acknowledge him. But when it was time for him to leave? She yelled, “BYE ROSS!”, waving, smirk plastered across her thrice-divorced face. Which, well, seems to line up with everything the public has seen of her behavior. One can’t help but feel for Ross. His frustration permeates everything he says and it’s clear to even casual observers that he’s been left to fend for himself.

Davis will be in court on Monday to respond to the lawsuit filed by the ACLU. (Tipped by JMG reader Str8 Grandmother)