Headline Of The Day

Anti-gay nutter Ryan Sorba writes for BarbWire:

The U.S. Supreme Court “same-sex marriage” fight is not completely over. According to the Court’s published rules, within 25 days of a ruling, a party can ask the Court for a rehearing if there are pertinent issues meriting appeal. The 25 day period to file for a rehearing expires on Tuesday, July 21. Opponents of same-sex marriage must contact the attorneys general for the four states that lost the Obergefell case, and ask them to apply immediately for a rehearing of the case. Contact information is listed in the video below. The issue of merit here is that Justices Kagan and Ginsberg, both of whom ruled for same-sex marriage, were clearly REQUIRED by federal law to recuse themselves from this case. Please avail yourself of the contact information within the video and demand that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine file for a rehearing.

Several anti-gay hate groups have been urging their followers to deluge DeWine with demands that he file for rehearing Obergefell, but there have been no reports thus far that he is considering doing so.