Frothy Mix Signs NOM’s Hate Pledge

Via press release from Brian Brown:

Sen. Rick Santorum gave the keynote address to NOM’s Second Annual Marriage Gala in Washington, DC on July 2nd. Sen. Santorum ripped the US Supreme Court for their illegitimate ruling and pledged as president to work to reverse it, saying “this will not stand,” bringing the crowd of nearly 400 people to their feet. NOM’s Marriage Gala is an opportunity to bring together many of our strongest supporters from throughout the country to hear from NOM’s team of leaders, including our Chairman, John Eastman, and Co-Founder, Professor Robert George. It was announced at the Gala that Sen. Santorum has become the first 2016 presidential candidate to sign NOM’s Presidential Marriage Pledge, promising to take specific actions as president to restore traditional marriage and protect supporters of marriage against attempts to marginalize and punish them. NOM expects a number of other candidates to join Sen. Santorum as signatories of the Presidential Marriage Pledge in coming days.

At the gala Santorum was also given NOM’s “prestigious Marriage Champion Award.”