French Haters: Russia Stole Our Flag

Earlier this week Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party mocked the White House by launching a “straight pride” flag meant to counter the “gay fever” sweeping the United States. France’s Manif Pour Tous says Russia stole their design.

“We just discovered it in the press,” the group’s president Ludovine de la Rochère told BuzzFeed News. “Our logo has been used without our permission. The person who is in charge of the partnerships works directly for me so I would know for sure if there was any partnership between United Russia and the Manif Pour Tous. Since it is a political party, we would never have agreed to make a partnership with it,” she said. “Also, we disagree with the way they use our flag. For us, it is the flag of children’s rights.”

Manif Pour Tous is backed by the neo-Nazi National Front and NOM’s Brian Brown.