CALIFORNIA: Top Cop Blasts “Debauched” Obergefell Ruling In Public Letter

A top police official in Stockton, California has published a viciously anti-gay letter in a local newspaper and says he doesn’t care if it gets him fired.

Lt.Toby Will, a former Marine and 25-year veteran of the Stockton Police Department, wrote a 282-word letter to the editor of the Stockton Record which was published in Wednesday’s edition under the heading “Marriage ruling shuns God.” The letter claims those who live according to “vile and sinful passions” will be met with the wrath of God. “…when the highest office in the land publicly declares the legitimizing of homosexuality to be a great victory for the nation, you can be sure that God is giving that nation over to its own destruction,” Will wrote. Stockton Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, chair of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender caucus, said she was shocked when she read the editorial page Wednesday morning. “I choked on my coffee,” she said in her Capitol office. Eggman, who is in a same-sex marriage, believes the now-public views of a high-ranking police official could bring fear to Stockton’s gay community. “When you need to call 911, you should feel safe that the person who responds is there to support you no matter who you are,” Eggman said

Will insisted that his police affiliation and title be included with his letter. A spokesman for the Stockton police says the incident is under “administrative review.”