US Ambassador Attends Cyprus Pride

That’s US Ambassador John Koenig in the blue t-shirt. More from Gay Star News:

Several hundred people marched in the east Mediterranean island nation’s 2nd annual Gay Pride parade in downtown Nicosia on Saturday. Unlike last year where scuffles broke out a small group of Orthodox Christian protesters tried to disrupt the parade, the parade went on without a hitch this time. Parade organizer and ACCEPT-LGBT Cyprus President Costas Gavrielides says although the turnout was roughly the same as the inaugural parade, societal taboos about homosexuality is fading away. He added that he’s pleased the Cypriot government has approved a long-awaited civil partnership bill. Before the march, various representatives of the government, political parties, and other social organizations addressed participants and onlookers, the Cyprus Mail reported. Interior minister Sokratis Hasikos, who is known for his pioneering stance on promoting and getting legislation on civil partnerships approved by the cabinet, was met with applause.