TORONTO: Religious Groups Stage Anti-LGBT March Against Sex Education

Telesur reports:

Furious over what they say are radical changes to sex education curriculum, protesters direct their anger towards openly gay Premier Kathleen Wynne. Demonstrators in Toronto chanted “Kathleen, loser, lesbian loser!,” as they protested on Sunday against the revised sexual education curriculum in Canada’s largest city. Comprised mainly of concerned parents and federal conservative activists, this growing anti-sex education movement strongly opposes the inclusion of topics such as consent, gender identity and sexual orientation in the province’s public education system. Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne has accredited the movement’s offensive tone to her own sexual identity as a lesbian and her involvement in the curriculum amendments. In defense of the revisions, which are the first since 1998, she stated that they are grounded in pedagogical research and diverse consultations with parent representatives.

The video is really something.

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