Tony Duggar Perkins Duggar Has The Air Force Sadz Duggar Duggar Duggar

“‘Gay Pride Month’ is just beginning — but we can’t say the same for the administration’s pandering. In the last seven years, Americans have witnessed an almost perpetual parade of deviance, with the President grand marshalling them all! Now, the government’s rainbow love fest is spilling over into the military, where each branch is racing to out-sexualize the other. Going where no branch has gone before, the Air Force will let high-ranking officials decide the fate of known transgenders in their ranks.  Unfortunately, the President has certainly agreed with any LGBT sentiment that undermines marriage, free speech, public health, religious liberty, and now national security. Let’s not forget — transgenderism is at its root a serious mental disorder (one classified as such — not just by Johns Hopkins — but the military’s own Defense Department!). If these men and women are confused about their gender, what’s to keep them from being confused about their mission?” – Hate group leader Tony Duggar Perkins Duggar Duggar, via release.