Southern Baptist Convention Leader Albert Mohler Admits: Clergy Won’t Be Arrested Or Sued Over Same-Sex Marriage

“It’s really important that you and every other pastor needs to say ‘I’m not going to perform a same-sex wedding,’ but let’s be honest, there’s not really a danger that the sheriff’s gonna show up and say, ‘you have to do this.’ So far as I know, no pastor has been sued successfully for refusing to marry someone on other grounds- that’s not the real danger. The real danger is we’re going to pay an enormous social, cultural price for not doing a same-sex ceremony. We’re going to be considered morally deficient. Let’s admit it. We’re much more accustomed to being accused of being morally superior. They’ve said we’ve been ‘stand-offish’ meaning better than them, now a large part of this culture thinks we are morally deficient.”- Albert Mohler, speaking this week at a meeting for the Southern Baptist Convention. Mohler was appointed president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1993. (Via Good As You)