Smell Like Ben Cohen

The Herald & Post reports:

Ben Cohen was greeted by excited fans at his fragrance signing event at Northampton’s Grosvenor Shopping Centre today. On one of the hottest days of the year, Cohen took to the Superdrug store to celebrate the launch of his first fragrance, Ben Cohen for Men. The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant met dozens of fans, posed for pictures with them and signed bottles of his fresh scented eau de toilette. Speaking to the Northants Herald and Post before the event, which took place from 4pm – 5pm, Cohen said: “I never thought I’d be one day launching a fragrance, but here I am! And I’m glad I am. “It has been a great journey doing this – from being approached by a company to launch my own fragrance, through to choosing a scent and then seeing the finished product. “I really like the fragrance because the company that created it have delivered what I want – which is a fresh, woody and citrusy smell. “In fact, I am using it all the time now – like water! Well, maybe not like water, but I do use it a lot.”

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