RUSSIA: Anti-Gay Pol Calls Eurovision Star “Traitor To The Motherland” For Daring To Hug And Defend Conchita Wurst

Last month Russia’s Polina Gagarina took second place at Eurovision 2015, earning the highest score in her nation’s history, including when they won in 2008. But according to notorious anti-gay nutjob Vitaly Milonov, she is a “traitor to the motherland” for hugging Conchita Wurst at the contest and then defending Conchita against critics. Here is Milonov’s rant:

Who gave her the right to represent Russia? She represents only the private media structure, where Christian values are not on the first place. The results are always falsified, the winner of Eurovision has no relation to talent. When Russia proclaimed its Christian values and went against the propoganda of sodomy, a bearded pervert in women’s clothes went on to win Eurovision. Why did Gagarina, a married woman, kiss another man? What is so precious in hugging a mentally sick pervert? It was on purpose, because this is a condition of the contest to push a country as deep as possible, excuse me, into Euro-shit, using crude ways to affect the teenagers. I criticised Gagarina’s kiss with this pervert, which she was doing with the name of Russia, but she immediately started arguing with us. Gagarina became part of the propaganda and she is a traitor of the Motherland – she betrayed Russia for some carpets, medals or something else … so she could become a propagander of Western sodomic values.

Milonov is the author of Russia’s ban on “homosexual propaganda” and it’s possible that he could bring charges against Gagarina. He and his army of goons from the Russian Orthodox Church regularly crash LGBT events and violence has resulted on some occasions.

(Tipped by JMG reader Luis)