LAUNCHED: Sex Pistols Credit Cards

So this is an actual thing:

In one of the most unlikely tie-ups for a finance company, Virgin Money today launched a range of Sex Pistols themed credit cards. Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, says the move celebrates the firm’s music heritage given the Sex Pistols were one of the most iconic bands signed by Virgin Records, Branson’s record label. The new cards feature infamous ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ and ‘Anarchy in the UK’ artwork. The Sex Pistols signed for Virgin Records in 1977 and released controversial single ‘God Save the Queen’ during Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee celebrations under the label. In the mid to late seventies, Johnny Rotten (now John Lydon) and Sid Vicious were among the kings of punk. They split after just one studio album and Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose in 1979.

Perfect for your next holiday in the sun.

(Tipped by JMG reader Lynda)