ISRAEL: Government Mocks Foreign Media With Cartoon About Gaza Terrorism

Via the New York Times:

As part of Israel’s intensifying effort to undermine potential criticism from the United Nations of its military assault on Gaza last summer, the country’s Foreign Ministry released an animated YouTube video on Monday mocking coverage of the conflict by Western reporters as absurdly inaccurate. The 50-second cartoon broadside, produced by the ministry and featured on its website, portrays a blond, American-accented foreign correspondent as such a dunce that he reports breezily from Gaza that “there are no terrorists here, just ordinary people,” as a masked militant launches a rocket from a residential neighborhood right behind him. In a second scene, the reporter is pictured in what he calls “Gaza’s underground city, a fascinating attempt by Hamas to build a subway system,” as a series of heavily armed militants march in the direction of Israel past a sign reading, “Minimum: 8 Terrorists Per Tunnel.” The animation then shows a militant arresting a man standing under a rainbow-colored flag as the clueless correspondent tells his viewers that “there is no doubt that the Palestinian society here is liberal and pluralistic, and that Hamas allows everyone to live in dignity.”

The scene with the murder of a gay man occurs at :28.