FRC Celebrates Vote Denying Benefits To Veterans In Non-Marriage Equality States

Via press release from the FRC:

There may be a consensus in the courts for same-sex “marriage,” but not Congress. In a quiet — but significant — vote, the Senate made it clear that the legislative branch understands exactly where the people stand on marriage — and it isn’t where the Left would have you believe. During yesterday’s vote on the National Defense Authorization Act, the upper chamber took an important step to protect states by blocking an amendment that would have extended gay spousal benefits to veteran couples living in states that haven’t redefined marriage. This is an enormous victory, since it was the first time Congress signaled to the Supreme Court where it stands on benefits for same-sex couples who are living in states that don’t recognize their marriages.

As part of the Defense debate, Senator Jeanne Shaheen [PHOTO] had been trying for months to leapfrog the Court’s decision and invent benefits that — to this point — are still unconstitutional. Essentially, the measure would have let the government bypass states that don’t recognize same-sex couples as “married” and force them to dole out benefits their own laws reject. At least for now, the President’s party has been stopped from tearing down the last two federal holdouts that respect state marriage laws: the social security and veterans’ administrations. Unlike other departments, these agencies have consistently recognized marriage for couples based on the state where they live — not the state where they “married.”

The statement goes on to denounce the Republicans who did vote for the amendment.