Chobani Yogurt Ad Stars Lesbian Couple

The wingnuts are really gonna hate this one. After all, this lesbian couple (GASP) is in bed together. Gawker hates the ad for (mostly) culinary reasons:

Bad yogurt company Chobani, whose product is to “Greek yogurt” what fermented urine is to champagne, has stooped to an outrageous, sexy new low in trying to distract the public from the taste of its pasty goo. It is plain as day to see that Chobani, desperate to align itself with any image other than “maker of America’s worst cow-related product,” has plunged directly to the bottom of the barrel, enlisting hot naked lesbians lounging around in their birthday suits in a last-gasp effort to make you, the easily seduced consumer, believe that bad yogurt is “sexy.” While it is true that Chobani yogurt appears to have the taste and consistency of semen, explicitly trying to associate the two substances is a dubious marketing strategy.