BRITAIN: Five Hospitalized After Drinking Poppers At Dance Music Festival

Via the Independent:

At least five people have fallen ill after drinking suspected “legal highs” at Parklife festival over the weekend. Four people have been discharged from North Manchester General Hospital but a 26-year-old woman is still being treated, police said. Her condition is not known. Greater Manchester Police said festival-goers had been drinking poppers, which are usually sniffed. Officers seized 400 bottles of the drugs and are urging anyone who bought them to hand them in “before it’s too late”. Chief Inspector Gary Simpson said: “We are now extremely concerned that people are drinking poppers and this poses a significant risk to life and would urge anyone using, or considering using them or any ‘legal high’ to cease from doing so immediately, before it’s too late. “Anyone who has consumed any of these substances is urged to seek medical help immediately.

Last month Britain banned the selling of amyl nitrate, but personal possession remains legal.