Breitbart Has The Sadz

“In a crushing defeat for traditionalists, the U.S. Supreme Court has mandated same-sex marriage as a constitutional right from sea to shining sea. In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court has held there is a 14th amendment right for people of the same sex to marry. The U.S. becomes only the second country, after Brazil, that has arrived at same-sex marriage through judicial imposition. The fear now is that the federal government, under urging from the gay community, will work to stamp out any vestige of opposition or even dissent, including eliminating accreditation and tax exempt status for religious schools that do not recognize same-sex marriages. Some religious conservatives have hinted at non-violent resistance and civil disobedience, though what that means remains unclear. One thing is clear from recent history. Though gay activists insist the issue is now settled, a Supreme Court decision rarely truly settles a question; they tend to open up new fields of debate, particularly on such controversial and divisive issues.” – Hate group leader Austin Ruse, writing for Breitbart.