Watch Conchita Wurst Fly At Eurovision

Yesterday’s Eurovision 2015 final opened with last year’s winner Conchita Wurst making a dramatic entrance from below the audience and then flying over their heads to the main stage. At the end of the night, the early voting lead swung back and forth between Russia and Sweden, the latter of whom was declared the winner when their lead could not be overcome by the remaining countries yet to announce their votes. Sweden first won Eurovision in 1974 with ABBA’s Waterloo and their second-most recent of five wins to date came in 2012 with Loreen’s club stomper Euphoria. Eurovision 2016 will be held in Sweden, which has hosted the contest twice in Stockholm, once in Gothenburg, and in Malmo in 2012. Eurogays are now anxiously awaiting the 2016 host city announcement so they can make their travel plans. 

RELATED: JMG reader Str8 Grandmother directs us to this great Eurovision photo recap over on Buzzfeed, which notes that the audience booed very loudly every time points were awarded to Russia. Those reactions, inspired no doubt by Russia’s anti-gay laws, prompted an onstage scolding from the show’s presenters, something I’d not seen in all my years of watching Eurovision. Perhaps obviously, nobody in the largely gay audience wanted to attend Eurovision in Moscow next year.