Tony Perkins Vs The Real O’Neals

“What does an X-rated gay sex columnist have in common with Walt Disney?
Nothing. And that’s exactly the problem. Most Americans have probably
never heard of Dan Savage, but unfortunately, that’s all about to change
this fall. Despite massive outcry — thousands of phone calls, emails,
and petition signers — Disney’s ABC is taking its LGBT activism to new
lows with plans to bring the controversial Christian-basher to life in a
sitcom called The Real O’Neals. The trailer is already worse than anyone could imagine. When the show isn’t mocking Christians, it’s celebrating homosexuality. It’s a savage, if you will, caricature of a Catholic family and the Faith, where the parents are divorcing, one son has anorexia, the daughter runs a fake charity, and the son pictured in the middle is gay. Oh, and there’s a Virgin Mary statue over the toilet. While the Left is counting the days until the comedy airs, Savage’s real-life legacy of bioterrorism and death threats is no joking matter.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, promoting a petition for ABC to cancel the show.