Todd Starnes: Children Are Learning About LGBT Rights Instead Of American History

“Public schools these days are busy teaching kids about the birds and the bees and whether they might be LGBT or Q. But they might want to consider giving equal time to American history, geography and civics. The results of a national test shows that most American eighth graders are struggling in all three subjects. It’s called the Nation’s Report Card – a test administered by the National Assessment of Educational Progress and they discovered that kids are just not progressing. The sad reality is that most American teenagers don’t know the difference between Abraham Lincoln and a Lincoln Continental. They’re more apt to know who George Clooney is than George Bush. And the experts say it could – – jeopardize our nation’s future. How can we expect to form a more perfect union – when kids can’t tell the difference between capitalism and communism?” – Todd Starnes, posting to his Facebook page.