TEXAS: GOP House Sponsor Of Anti-LGBT Rights Bill Has Openly Gay HIV+ Son

GOP Texas state Rep. Rick Miller is the sponsor of the bill that would repeal LGBT anti-discrimination protections in every Texas city. He wants this despite having an openly gay HIV+ son. Via the Associated Press:

Beau Miller and Patrick Summers have been dating for four years, but last December was the first time they spent Christmas at Miller’s parents’ home. It seemed like a breakthrough, since the younger Miller is an HIV-positive gay activist and his father Rick is a conservative Texas state lawmaker. But barely seven weeks later, Rick Miller filed a bill that would repeal local ordinances banning discrimination against gay and transgender people, attempting to roll back rules passed in all of Texas’ largest cities. “We were invited to Christmas, and I thought that was a good step,” said Beau Miller, a commercial litigation and product liability attorney who works on the 41st floor of a gleaming office tower in downtown Houston. But now, “My dad wants people to be able to have the opportunity to discriminate against his own son.”

Beau Miller, an attorney, tested positive in 2006 and since then has founded a non-profit to help people deal with HIV stigma. His father says Beau is living a “chosen lifestyle.” (Tipped by JMG reader DM)