TEXAS: Dems Believe Anti-Gay Marriage Bill Might Be Stopped On Final Day

Via the Austin Statesman:

With the Texas House moving at a glacial pace, Democrats became increasingly confident Wednesday that they can run out the legislative clock, killing a bill designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, for same-sex Texans to wed — even if the U.S. Supreme Court rules otherwise. If Democrats can keep House Bill 4105 from receiving a floor vote before a midnight Thursday deadline, the anti-gay-marriage legislation would die — along with about 200 other bills scheduled for action behind it. With no similar bill filed in the Senate, and with limited opportunity to add HB 4105 as an amendment to other legislation, the Republican measure would likely be done for the legislative session that ends June 1. “At this point, there are a lot more bad bills than good ones. A lot of us are in no hurry to get to them,” said state Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie.

There is always the chance that the governor could call the House back for a special session. You can follow today’s action at the #HB4105 hashtag.