Signorile Interviews Texas Rep. Cecil Bell

Michelangelo Signorile interviewed notorious Texas state Rep. Cecil Bell this week, grilling him about his quixotic pursuit of legislation that Bell believes would allow his state to defy the US Supreme Court on same-sex marriage. Listen to the clips below in which Bell expounds on states rights and refuses to answer Signorile when asked if sodomy should still be illegal. Over at Huffington Post, Signorile make this observation:

Though it’s not mentioned in any of his official biographical information, Bell’s wife Jo Ann, described as his “high school sweetheart,” is, according to public records, his second wife. Records show he divorced his first wife (to whom he was married in 1981) a little over a month before he married his second wife in October of 1991, who gave birth to their son, Cecil III, five and half months after they married. “Well, I think that would be an interesting conversation, but no one’s brought up that legislation,” he said about the issue of banning divorce, before quickly excusing himself to get back on the floor to vote.