Sen. Bernie Sanders Enters 2016 Race

Via USA Today:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., pulled out all the stops Tuesday at his presidential campaign launch in Burlington, as he outlined his role in “a political revolution to transform the country — economically, politically, economically and environmentally.” “Brothers and sisters, now is not the time for thinking small,” he told a large crowd at Waterfront Park. “Now is not the time for the same old same old. Now is the time for millions of working families to revitalize American democracy.” With the backdrop of Lake Champlain and its procession of boats large and small, Sanders vowed to steer the the country away from an economy defined increasingly by income inequality. Not only is the model “profoundly wrong,” he said, “it is immoral, bad economics and unsustainable.” To the nation’s billionaires, Sanders added, “You can’t have it all.”

Sanders’ full speech is below.