Pro-LGBT Church Sign Vandalized

From the Marin Journal:

“Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine,” read the sign outside Mt. Tamalpais United Methodist Church in Mill Valley — at least, until it was vandalized, with the words “two dads” and “Church” painted over with white paint. “We put it up on the day of the argument about marriage equality with the Supreme Court,” said Kim Smith, pastor of the church, referring to the arguments conducted the last week of April with regard to same-sex marriage. Days later, on Sunday night, the sign was vandalized. The pastor noted that the message wasn’t original; another Methodist church in a different part of the country came up with it, she said. “As a reconciling church we are proud to accept members of all beliefs. Unfortunately, even in Marin and Mill Valley, bigotry can raise its ugly head,” said Chris Hubbard, a member of the church.

Smith says she’s gotten over 150 messages of support for the sign since it was vandalized. The paint was scrubbed off within hours by a “Boy Scout family” that belongs to the church. (Tipped by JMG reader Bob)