IRELAND: “Yes” Side Slips Slightly In Poll Taken One Week Before Marriage Vote

Via the Irish Times:

The Yes side retains a commanding lead in the referendum campaign on same-sex marriage, according to the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll, but the gap has narrowed since the last poll in March. When undecided voters are excluded, the poll indicates that 70 per cent of voters intend to vote Yes (down four points since March) and 30 per cent say they will vote No (up four points). The poll was taken last Wednesday and Thursday, with a just a little over a week to go before the vote. Asked how they intend to vote in the referendum to change the Constitution to allow same-sex marriage, 58 per cent said Yes (down six points); 25 per cent said No (up two points); and 17 per cent were undecided or said they would not vote (up five points). It is the second Irish Times poll in succession to show a decline in support for the Yes side. There has been a small shift into the No camp and a more sizeable one into the “don’t know/won’t vote” category since the last poll.

The referendum is Friday.